There are nights when I realise
I am very, very alone
Lovers staring into each other’s eyes
No such place for my own

There are nights when I realise
I have no significant other to hold
The day is hard to visualize
When I won’t feel this cold

There are nights when I realise
Nobody considers me dear
The dying words, the late replies
It is now all so clear

There are nights when I realise
Love is truly but a dream
The painful ends and goodbyes
Are all that it should seem


There's a land of beauty
Basking in its pride
A glorified haven
Treasures varied and wide

Have you heard of the coast?
Pastels painting the canvas
Marine wildlife; great depth to unravel
With tiding currents as they traverse

Have you heard the gentle whispers
Of the majestic winds?
Upon ablaze forests; harbouring flora
And fauna raising their chins

Have you heard of the garnet grains?
Tastefully swathing the ground
Striking a contrasting balance
Nowhere less than profound

Have you heard of Australia?
This is my home
Diverse, tranquil skies
Overlooking hearts of gold

And strong souls like stone

The Pearl

Clad in carved currents
The pearl falls delicately into the sea,
Its fluid nature attributing its silence
Calm, yet deep and further beyond the abyss
Of the surrendering shadows that creep
Creep, oh so carefully

It sings a docile, lilac song
Almost as comparable to its lustre
As precious as a perishable gem
As leisurely as it may please
It mimics the mellowness of dawn,
Unsuspecting of the dusk lurking below

It plunges gracefully, descends down
Down into the seabed enswathed in velvet
Of treasured wonders new and ancient
But what surely awaits within
Such a refined, precarious soul
Lies the looming darkness that consumes it

A Cautioning Conclusion

To roam round
Is a dangerous thing
Where paths collide
In a sea of beings
Who would've thought
Of the possibilities
Leading odds to unite
And for us two to meet

Unspoken Of

All things left unsaid
Replaying in her head
The words are far too late
For everything is up to fate

Feelings she cannot grasp
Upon the silent, shocking gasp
Holding back the tears, she tries
Begrudgingly smiling to disguise

The sorrow eating her up inside
Particularly one that shall not abide
With the time meant to forget
The boy she cries over whilst in bed.


I can't help but think,
That maybe when the cirrus clouds shift directions
And when the azure sky is cleared up,
Everything will get better.



  1. All your poems are so beautiful! <3
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks dear, sorry for the late reply but happy new year to you too! x


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